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The companies in the MD Group are development, supply and production companies with core expertise in lightweight construction based on fiber composites. They include MD Flugzeugbau, which specializes in aviation, and MD Composites as a partner to the industry. MD Aircraft's mission is to bring CO₂-neutral flying to the market economically. The entire production at the site is also to become CO2 neutral by 2029.


“We make the difficult light and give shape to the complex.”

The companies in the MD Group focus their core expertise in lightweight construction on the goal of reducing CO₂ emissions.
Weight savings combined with definable strength and maximum formability are advantages of the base materials CFRP and GFRP that make them indispensable in the development of sustainable products. Increasingly, composites based on biofibers such as flax are also being used.

Sustainability is not only a focus for our products, but also for our production. Our goal is to manufacture CO₂-neutral and using self-generated energy at our Friedeburg site by 2029.

The lighthouse project in the field of aircraft construction is currently the development of a purely electrically powered 10-seater aircraft in the eSTOL Commuter segment. The aim is to certify the world's first aircraft of this type and launch it on the global market.

Core services

A key core service is the MD Group's development expertise. The aim is to be part of a solution rather than part of a problem.

The expertise in the processing of composite materials originally acquired in the field of aircraft construction has also attracted the attention of industries other than aviation over the years. For example, the company subsidiary MD Composites also develops parts for the wind energy sector, hydroelectric power plants, agricultural machinery manufacturers and medical technology. Wherever stable, high-strength, lightweight and corrosion-free materials are required, MD Composites is the right partner.

The company

We have been an innovative development and manufacturing service provider for composite technologies for more than 25 years. Our passion, but also the technology and know-how for the technology comes - like us - from the aviation industry. We are a partner to industry throughout the entire process chain. From the product idea, product planning and development to the manufacture of composite parts and semi-finished products, mechanical processing and expert training.
From small parts to large series. The companies of the MD Group stand for resource-saving, economical and state-of-the-art production for your products of today and tomorrow.

MD Composites

Our task is to make heavy things light and give shape to complex things. Our main goals are always to reduce CO₂ emissions and protect the climate.
to MD Composites

MD Flugzeugbau

We live and understand aircraft construction, this is where our DNA is anchored.
Our aircraft are characterized by design and performance.
We are always thinking new and different!
to MD Flugzeugbau

MD Aircraft

Our mission is to bring CO₂-neutral flying to the market economically. We are shaping the mobility transition in aviation and investing in a new technology at the same time.
to MD Aircraft


In addition to environmental and climate protection, sustainability in our company also includes economic and social aspects. By carefully managing our resources and investments, we are living a sustainable and future-proof business model.

  • Renewable energies
    We are significantly reducing our carbon footprint by using electricity from renewable sources. We achieve this through photovoltaic systems on our halls, among other things. Since 2023, we have been operating all new tool heating systems electrically instead of using natural gas as before.

  • Mobility
    We make our mobility as climate-neutral as possible. Whenever possible, we use public transport. Since 2022, the company's managers have only driven electric or hybrid cars. A charging station has been installed in our company's parking lot. We enable our employees, customers and suppliers to charge their e-vehicles free of charge!

  • Reducing critical raw materials
    We substitute critical raw materials with sustainable alternatives and avoid the use of conventional, petroleum-based, primary energy-intensive or poorly recyclable materials. At the same time, we use and develop bio-based raw materials/semi-finished products, such as natural fiber fabrics, bio-resins and cork core material that binds CO₂.

  • Water
    We attach great importance to water. In our water cutting system, for example, we circulate the process water instead of replacing it. And when it comes to waste water, we focus on cleaning it in an environmentally friendly way. We also use our waste water to heat and cool our molds, thus saving energy.

  • Disposal and recycling
    We always dispose of all material groups separately. We collect used film, paper and cardboard and return them to the cycle. We use dosing systems to optimize the use of materials.

  • Management systems
    Investments in ISO 14001 and 9001 and EcoVadis focus on standardized processes to ensure sustainability and quality.

  • Training & further education
    We give every employee the opportunity to further their education in our company and to develop their personal and professional prospects.

  • Transparency and communication
    Transparency and active communication of relevant information to customers, suppliers and employees create trust, optimize processes and are key factors for the company's success.



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